Shibui LIfe is a newsletter devoted to thriving. We all have the capacity to thrive. We just have to bring an intention and a willingness.

I will provide the ideas, inspiration, and practices that will help you get your mojo back and live the sparkling life that is your birthright.

Thriving isn’t just about psychology though, it’s about paying attention to every area of your life.

  • How you think: cultivating wisdom for a life of ease, meaning, and connection.
  • Nurturing your senses: creating beautiful spaces and a lifestyle that supports the sense that you are precious and worthy of care.
  • What you do: daily rituals of presence and joy.

About Darcy

Darcy has always been a keen observer of life. Making sense and meaning from the vicissitudes of life and turning them into "ways of living" is something that comes naturally to her. She gathered what she learned into a framework that became the genesis of Shibui LIfe.

She supports her well-being with a gracious lifestyle. From beautiful interiors and outdoor spaces to a daily cocktail hour and easy elegant dinners, Darcy loves it all. Treating yourself as an honored guest in your own home became a key tenet of Shibui Life.

Darcy is a serial entrepreneur, opening her first business at 50. She opened Knit Purl, a yarn store in Portland, Oregon in 2005. Willamette week dubbed it the "zen garden of yarn stores" when they named it the best yarn store in the city. In 2007 she opened Shibui Knits, a wholesale and retail yarn brand, beloved by knitters all over the world. Leading teams has always been her favorite part of business and she's proud of the business cultures she helped to create.

She has a love for beauty in all its forms. She regularly travels to art exhibits around the world and is especially drawn to renaissance art and architecture.

Darcy loves a good adventure and is up for trying almost anything. Once, in Hong Kong, she ate a pigeon head. Finding it a bit crunchy she didn't ask for another but was glad she got to try it.

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