What happened next

What happened next

In my previous post, Misery is not one of my values I shared the story of how I was able to remember my values, find ease in the midst of turmoil and let go of controlling the uncontrollable.

Really letting go and trusting that things will work out isn't always easy. This time, there really wasn't a  choice. Worry and overwhelm were starting to impact my health. I knew I had to make a change. That's when I remembered that misery isn't one of my values.

I realized that the reason I was feeling so miserable was not just my fear that I wouldn't have enough money to retire properly.  It was also because I was violating my values.

As soon as I  made the choice to reconnect to my joy, and give up trying to control the uncontrollable, a weight lifted from my shoulders.  I knew, without a doubt, that it was being handled for me.

I saw it as my job to be happy and enjoy my life. Freed from needing to control things, I did what was within my control and handed over the rest. I knew the results would be surprising and better than I could have envisioned. Then I asked for a sign. Let me know I'm on the right track, I said.

I started to feel light, playful, happy and so curious to see how things were going to play out.

When I got to work our accounting manager came over to me and said: "I usually don't like to bother you with checks but I thought you might like to see this one." It was a check for $57,000 from a government program I didn't even know we applied for. Sign one.

In the midst of my worry fest, I had convinced myself that I was going to be so poverty-stricken that I would never be able to enjoy the little luxuries I love so much. Looking back it seems so crazy but that's where I went with it.

Then I opened my email to find a message about a credit card I opened over five years ago and had completely forgotten about. They informed me that I had 100,000 points that were about to expire but that I could redeem them for luxury products through their boutique partner. I spent the next hour "buying" $1,000 worth of luxury cosmetics, soaps, and lotions. Because I was forced to. Sign two.

Does anybody else find this funny?

Now that I had my signs, I waited to see how things were going to be resolved for me.

In the most unexpected way, of course. We sold every single piece of inventory from the business I was closing down to individuals at a great margin. Not one single thing was left. We ended up with five times as much cash as my accountant had predicted. I have never had that much money in an account with my name on it in my life. You should have seen the look on my banker's face!

By choosing to align with my values and orient toward joy, the Universe could find me and bring a spiritual solution that was bigger than I dared to hope for and in a way I could not have imagined. All I had to do was orient toward joy, let go of controlling the uncontrollable, and relax in the clear knowledge that it was taken care of.

For me, aligning with my values allows me to show up to life as I really am. It allows good fortune to find me. Maybe next time I'll remember a little sooner.

To consider:

What values do you hold for your well-being?



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