Class it up with Orchids

Class it up with Orchids

I've been getting some requests for ways to make spaces more inviting so I thought I would share my number one tip with you - Orchids!

Here are some simple ways to use them around your house:

A simple but inviting entryway
An elegant tablescape
A console table behind a couch 

I think of orchids as cut flowers with a long shelf life. They last at least a month and they're easy to care for. Because I only keep them for as long as they're blooming I don't fuss too much about care. The main thing is to be careful not to overwater. I put an ice cube at the base of the plant and let it melt. This helps to avoid overwatering and lets the water filter in slowly.

Though it varies by species, most orchids do well in relatively low light. I will sometimes swap out the one I have in the windowless bathroom with one closer to the window so it can get some light but if I forget they seem to do fine.

You can use them to add a little sophistication to almost any space. I usually have one in my bathroom, at my desk, on the console table behind my couch, at the entry, and on my kitchen island. I know that's a lot it works.

Here in the states, you can pick them up for $15 at Trader Joe's.  I like to use simple white pots and Spanish moss to cover the roots. If you really want to get fancy (and who doesn't?) get some curly branches and stick them behind the orchid as shown above. You've spent $15 at Trader Joes's for the orchid, $16 for a lifetime supply of moss, and maybe $15 on a pot you can use over and over. Or, you can go to a florist and spend $100 on the same thing. Either way, your space just got a lot more elegant.



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