Do you have an abundance mindset?

Do you have an abundance mindset?

Do you think of yourself as someone who has an abundance mindset? Do you believe there is enough of everything; love, connection, money, and opportunity?

I thought I  did. But I'm discovering that I don't always walk the talk.

As I shut down my business some things are making their way into my home. Don't let this get out, but I think I have about $5,000 worth of yarn under my bed. If a thief comes he should skip the jewelry and go straight for the special under-bed yarn bin. The knitters among you will understand how I got here. But was I behaving abundantly to hoard a lifetime supply of yarn?

As I try to incorporate the 1,000-pack of 2-gallon zip lock bags, a dozen fancy candles, and the last hanks of cashmere yarn we found hiding in a bin somewhere, I can't help but notice that I already have an alarming amount of stuff.

Have you ever put on a sweater or shirt, noticed that you're feeling uncomfortable, and you realize that it's because the garment no longer fits you? I am having just such a moment.

A disinterested observer might think my collection of jars of fancy imported tomatoes was some sort of obsession. They would have to look at the dizzying array of imported tinned fish, dried mushrooms, preserved lemons, ghee, and candied citrus and wonder what I intended to do with it all.

photo by Artem Kostelnyuk

Why do I need an extra jar of preserved lemons to feel prepared? In case I need to make canapes for the apocalypse?

Looking at this stuffed pantry made me feel uncomfortable. Why had I amassed this collection of fancy foodstuffs?

Partly I did it for the little jolt of pleasure you get when you buy something fun. That little jolt of pleasure was now causing me a little jolt of displeasure as I saw that ridiculous pantry.

The other reason, I suppose, lurking somewhere in my subconscious, is the sense of security that no matter what happens my elegant lifestyle will still be there for me. But what exactly do I think is going to happen that will make it impossible to get some fancy Italian tuna if I need it? I was operating with a sense of scarcity rather than abundance.

Abundance: I can always get what I need.

Scarcity: I had better hoard these things because I might not be able to get what I need.

My son got me some small and lovely Louis Vuitton candles last Christmas. I love them. When he came to visit me a few months later he asked me why I wasn't burning the candles. I told him it was basically because I thought these were the last Louis Vuitton candles I would ever have. See the pattern here?

He laughed at me and lit the candle. Apparently, Louis Vuitton always sells candles.

photo by Irina Anastasiu

This old scarcity shirt doesn't seem to fit anymore. I think it's time for me to enjoy the goodies in my pantry and maybe light a candle.


  • Where are you operating from abundance?
  • Where are you operating from scarcity?
  • Is there an opportunity for you to move into a more abundant mindset?



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